If I had my way these are some pets I would enjoy rescuing. Good thing @jackantonoff & @jennikonner are blocking me at every turn 🐂🐁🐖🐕🐓🐐🐎🐉🐇🐟🐀🐃🐍🐑🐘🐒
  1. Sugar Glider
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    Just your every day pint-sized flying marsupial!
  2. Skinny Pig
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    Chilly little guy!
  3. Fennec Fox
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    They use a litter box (and maybe do murders?)
  4. Pot bellied pig
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    This is not even exotic enough for me, but they ARE illegal in NYC and I want it to snuffle my cheek.
  5. Wallaby
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    You need sort of a big yard- and an even bigger load of patience cuz they're naughty!!!