When I met @jennikonner she used a lot of phrases I had never heard before, so I thought she invented them. Here are a few things that, to my mind, Jenni was the first person ever to say.
  1. "Tech avail"
    (Re: an actor who is technically available to work)
  2. "They are circling the building"
    (Re: someone who is desperate to do something)
  3. Banoonoos
    (Re: something that is bananas)
  4. Crazy pants
    (Also re: something that is bananas)
  5. No good deed goes unpunished
  6. Broad comedy
  7. Platonic ideal
    Just the concept of the Platonic ideal, so basically she is Plato to me
  8. Dear Sirs
    (Re: an angry letter)
  9. Take to the streets
    (Re: angry protest)
  10. @jennikonner what else?