I love independent booksellers! I love books! Go get lost in da stacks!
  1. McNally Jackson
    I grew up in Soho before it was worse than a mall in Trenton. McNally is an oasis of calm in what used to be an artist's paradise, with a great magazine section and even better gluten free cookies. Bonus points for A plus stationary selection.
  2. ️Book Court
    A sweet indie in Brooklyn with great poetry, design and children's sections. Sweet knowledgeable staff. Next to Starbucks.
  3. Spoonbill & Sugartown
    Need a hipster art book as a gift to make your mom think you're really in the know? This is the place. I really like the lack of organization (not being sarcastic.)
  4. Word
    One of the biggest champions of literature in NYC (and Jersey City!) Again, feels good to support an indie.
  5. The Drama Bookshop
    Plays, plays and more plays. This is where I would go to find overwrought monologues for my high school drama class. A niche paradise.
  6. Bluestockings
    Feminist anarchist totem of righteousness. Don't go looking for anything specific, just go to have your mind CRACKED OPEN!
  7. Saint Mark's Comics
    Nothing better than an aimless afternoon reading every title in the place. My dad used to take me each Sunday, and the we'd hit the now-defunct sci fi bookstore nearby.
  8. The Strand
    It's the mother effing strand- they'll tell you themselves, miles and miles of books! People must fall in love here all the time, no?