What a super fun list request @emilytesskatz! Believe it or not (and most people don't believe it) I looove fashion. Fashion is so fun. I'm listing fancies and cheapies both, from high to low.
  1. Giambattista Valli
    His couture is off the chain (not a phrase I ever thought I'd have the chance to say, but lo and behold...)
  2. Prada/Miu Miu
    That lady could stuff me in a sack (and has) and I'd wear it to the Emmys (and have.)
  3. Creatures of the Wind
    I'm convinced these clothes are for geniuses and runaways and I'm neither but I still wear them.
  4. Mary Katrantzou
    Bold, futuristic and knows how to handle dangerous curves ahead.
  5. Creatures of Comfort
    I love the cool art teacher/ceramicist/spiritual divorcee vibes of their in house line. Not cheap, beautifully made ("beautifully made" is such an 80s mom thing to say.)
  6. Cynthia Rowley
    I could go on a 17 hour rant about how she doesn't get the respect she deserves and is treated like a Colette Dinnigan or a Tibi when she's more of a Vivienne Westwood or a Marc Jacobs.
  7. Rachel Antonoff
    Loved her witty playful shit since waaay before she was my sister in law. Lucky me got @zoe to star in the last fashion film we did together!
  8. Clothes by American Two Shot
    Very Kawaii without being too "I'm a web cam girl with a bad attitude and a love of Full House." Flirty 90s throwback but also kinda serious.
  9. Just Female
    Serious Scandinavian clothes for severe women who wish men's jeans did right by their asses.
  10. J Brand
    Best jeans. Just the best jeans. I like the Maria which is slim fit with a high waist and as close to a "basic" as I've ever owned.
  11. Family Affairs
    A mom and daughter who make fun, lively and delicate patterned dresses. Special and secret feeling.
  12. Rosehound Apparel
    Smart funky Canadian gal who makes witty jumpers and pins and patches. How I imagine Miranda July dressed at age 13.
  13. J. Crew/Madewell
    Anything Jenna Lyons touches turns to gold. And by gold I mean a flattering romper.
  14. Alternative Apparel
    Ethical sweats that Dov Charney didn't j off on.
  15. Ann Taylor Loft
    This isn't a fucking joke. They are killing the game with their summery separates.
  16. Punyus
    Japanese plus size brand (because in Japan if you're bigger than a two you are not shopping in the center aisle...) They have the most brilliant jean shorts with a secret stretchy waistband. Not your daughter's shorts.
  17. Lonely Lingerie
    For fancy undies.
  18. Walgreens
    For life undies.
  19. For shoes and accessories, I love...
    Repettos, Soludos, Superga, Nike, Loeffler Randall, Sophia Webster, Opening Ceremony
  20. For jewelry, my heart lies with...
    Pamela Love, Irene Neuwirth, Claire's Accessories
  21. RIP to brands I'll always love...
    Built by Wendy, Band of Outsiders, Charlotte Corday, Vena Cava, original Isaac Mizrahi circa the Natalie Portman ads