Thank you for asking @natasha! I'm still learning a LOT but here are some faves thus far as I learn to shop for beauty products that won't fuck with my hormones and whose ingredients I can pronounce!
  1. For skincare, I'm crazy for Goop.
    I'll personally injure anyone who says isn't an amazing resource and an inspiring place.
  2. That being said, if you need something a little less expensive I love Mad Hippie brand
    Their face wash, face cream, eye cream and face oil are amazing
  3. Willa is an awesome natural brand I go to for foundation and concealer, direct to consumer
  4. Juice Beauty (with creative director Gwyneth P!) makes clean products in gorgeous colors
  5. S.W. Basics is a Brooklyn based company whose almond oil based eye makeup remover changed my life
    Works better than anything else and you can leave it on like a moisturizer!!!
    You will learn/buy a lot here
  7. Recs plz!!! Especially on shampoo!!!