We all know about "The Rachel" but what about "The Edna"? Behold, the hottest signature 'dos from literary ladies.
  1. Renata Adler
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    Nothing says "I will quietly ruin you through savage journalistic essays" quite like baby bangs and an epic grey braid.
  2. Susan Sontag
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    The stripe that launched a thousand think-pieces.
  3. Edna St. Vincent Millay
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    Her verse may be florid but she kept it simple & chic with this flapperesque bob!
  4. Toni Morrison
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    She was awarded a medal of distinction... for her perfect silver locs!
  5. Vivian Gornick
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    Right and tight, just like her prose.
  6. Joan Didion
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    Let's call this simple style the Millay 2.0. In recent years she's added a bang for dramatic effect.
  7. Zadie Smith
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    What's she better at, writing or wrapping her hair and looking like the fucking queen of literature? Her serfs are Franzen & Knausgard.