This is a list of things I really want/already have/deeply adore. BUT it could actually be a list of things your girlfriend or cool gender fluid sex partner would benefit from. In case you're in a pinch! Also I think it's fine to give the gift any time up til Jan 15th. I really do.
  1. Alison Lou rings
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    These are witty, lux and very millennial in the right way! As in, you won't wanna bury them in a snowy park in 2 years because they remind you of being fucking lame.
  2. Kylie Jenner lip kit
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    I know this is mad sold out but let me just say that even if your beloved/mother/granddaughter is super down to earth and no muss no fuss she is lying if she says she doesn't want to try this product and live life with a KJ mouth for a second or so. Plus who doesn't love sold out shit? The struggle, the pain, the triumph. The Kylie Jenner lip kit is the Tamagatchi of our time.
  3. A subscription to The New Yorker
    Or the Believer, or the Paris Review, or something packed with high quality cocktail-party-discussion-worthy articles, poems and bon mots!
  4. Sponsor a rescue horse
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    Daddy I want a pony!!! How cool is it to help love and rehabilitate an abused horse in need?? is a great place to start CC: @ingridheather
  5. New York Review of Books' gorgeous reissues of classic femme-novels like The Dud Avocado and Talk
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    Sexy design and sophisticated implications.
  6. MDMFlow lipsticks
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    18 bucks a pop which I know ain't the cheapest but these luxury beauties are made by a cool female entrepreneur in her parents' garden shed. If Rihanna is wrong about this then I'll eat my hat!
  7. Give a little to help an LGBTQ teenager go to college
    Donate at - because not everyone is lucky enough to be accepted and supported by their families of origin.
  8. Knitting supplies
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    Knitting has come and gone as a trend in Olympia Washington or whatever, but the fact remains: it's cozy, zen and fucking satisfying. When I was in my knitting phase I had so much fun with my basket of ecstatically colorful yarns. We could all use a hobby. Suggest this one to your favorite bitch and watch her soul melt!!! Or get stabbed by knitting needles. Tis the season, y'know?