SO many worthy places. SUCH an essential time. Below are just a few of the orgs that are close to my heart.
  1. Girls Write Now
    This org hooks at risk young women up with writing mentors so they can express themselves and find safety and inspiration!
  2. GEMS
    From policy to day to housing to day care and education, Girls Empowerment Mentoring Services has changed the game for young women who have been sex trafficked domestically.
  3. New Alternatives
    This shelter serves homeless LGBTQ youth and does essential work to educate, empower and employ them. The sad truth is that a massive percentage of homeless youth are LGBTQ and this puts them at greater risk for unemployment and incarceration. New Alternatives needs us now more than ever.
  4. The Endometriosis Foundation of America
    The EFA focuses on research and education so that the next generation of women will have diagnoses and treatment that so many of us struggled to find when it comes to a disease that effects roughly 1 out of every 10 women and has a devastating effect on their day to day health and fertility.
  5. Young Women Empowered
    Y-We is a creative haven for girls in Seattle desperate for community and arts education. The coziest place I've ever been.