First break in lord knows how long that isn't due to illness or death in the family (sorry, that's a sentence that could be categorized as a "bummer.") I am full of big dreams!
  1. Organize my photo albums
    From my bad ass grandma circa World War II to the camp hip-hop dance showcase circa 2001, these pictures won't sort themselves!
  2. Read like a mofo
    Currently devouring an advanced copy of Girls by Emma Cline. Planning to read a shit ton about the history and politics of sex work because it's a topic I really need to broaden my understanding of on the quest to being the best feminist and ally I can be! (and some thrillers in the mixxx.)
  3. Clothing purge
    Every year @jackantonoff and I do this and donate our unused items to New Alternatives, an amazing shelter for homeless LGBTQ Youth in NYC. I recommend this to the max.
  4. Watch every awards season screener that graces my doorstep
    This is the true perk of being in a guild (that and health insurance) and I'm pretty sure it's the only reason my parents love me.
  5. Visit some babies
    Just some babies I know.
  6. Untangle necklaces
  7. Stretch
  8. Have a great one, my sweet listers!!!