These aren't my deepest flaws, just the ones that interfere with daily life. I'm working on it (!?) But really yes I am. Any tips?
  1. I talk too loud and can't really whisper (and always assume I am in private when I am in public).
  2. I am prone to lateness (5-15 mins not 5-15 hours but somehow even worse).
  3. I will nap for 7-8 hours on a Saturday. That's all of Saturday.
  4. I am addicted to caffeine and despite trying to create some distance we are still fucking around daily, even nightly.
  5. I can hardly say no.
  6. I never want to leave my house after 6pm. Or before noon. Or between noon and 6pm?
  7. I love that Hozier song Take Me To Church.