Spoiling an episode of Scandal on Instagram? Yeah, I did it.
  1. "HUGE spoiler I was so pissed."
  2. "oopsie you made a poopsie"
  3. "bitch"
  4. "At least she apologized"
  5. "Anyone with any sense could see that coming! Calm down people!"
  6. "We shall forgive... But never forget."
  7. "Ugh you're so selfish Lena! Control your thirst"
  8. "You also ruined it for people who have to wait to get it on Hulu the next day. So keeewwwl of you."
  9. "I DVR it and didn't watch it cuz you spoiled it for me."
  10. "#sostupid"
  11. "Never apologies for being human... And real"