Well, thank you for asking @bjnovak. This is gonna be hard considering it's most instagrams but here are some PRIME passions/offenderz.
  1. Chiara Ferragni
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    Hey, Chiara, I hope you're enjoying jetting around exposing your perfect navel and showcasing your footwear designs while I struggle to assert my authority and fight my endometriosis flare up of the year ❤️
  2. Melissa Ford aka MDollas11
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    Rihanna's ride or die is smoking weed in bed like it's a career but also a calling, and she shows just the right amount of thigh in the process. Meanwhile I took a klonopin and all it's done is make me miss my grandma who has been dead for 15 years.
  3. Tess Holliday
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    Not only is she taking over the world and rescuing us from body shaming goblins, she actually seems to be enjoying herself in the process. Like really I don't see her breaking down into tears every time she enters a hotel room.
  4. Alexa Chung
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    Oh go design more denim you perfect doll and wear a twin set to Coachella, defying all logic and probably starting a cult.
  5. Cat Marnell
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    Let me into the shower with you, you beautiful disaster. If I led your lifestyle for one day I would get late stage emphysema and that's just a fact and if I smeared my lipstick I would be taken in for questioning. You look fucking great on pills.
  6. Reese Witherspoon
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    Your dog is on a raft. My dog is on anti-psychotic medication so he won't self harm.
  7. Candice Huffine
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    I only ever get naked if I know it's gonna gross someone out in a funny way. You are a beautiful island queen.
  8. My friend Jane aka oodlesofpain
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    Just a leisurely afternoon trying on some latex garments (for contrast, I gave my father a "talking to" then napped.)