Ever since rewatching Heartburn last month, I've been craving carbonara. And this week I really need some comfort food. But I can't make carbonara! I can't make anything! Well, grief turned me bold.
  1. Decided not to look at any recipes
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    Meryl didn't need no cookbook to make this post coital snack. BTW @jennikonner feels strongly that Meryl feeding Nicholsen is the best food scene in film history.
  2. @jackantonoff cooked the bacon...
    Extra crispy!
  3. ...while I mixed 2 whole eggs, some shredded mozzarella, salt and black pepper.
  4. Gluten free penne
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    For my health, ya know?
  5. Mixed it all together in my best yellow pot while the pasta was still steaming...
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  6. And the results were hearty, rustic (I don't actually know what that means) and so exciting that I had to call my mom before we even ate.
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    Jack drank a thimble full of wine to celebrate!
  7. Use Parmesan next time
    Suggested by @jennikonner