What's my deal, you ask? Well, @keonovak...
  1. I'm a writer
  2. I'm super physically lazy and spend my whole life trying to make up for it intellectually
  3. I'm from New York City
  4. I'm a registered democrat
  5. Tuna fish is fucking disgusting
  6. I looove being a girl and any version of femaleness, any way you define it, gets me going
  7. But I like like guys, some very darkly tempered ones, and want to write about them but maybe not always eat lunch with them
  8. I love faux fur
  9. I love stuff that's cozy, cuddly or pillowy
  10. Rudeness used to make me horny
  11. Now I love empathy and summer rolls and being a team
  12. I'm ready to like stuff
  13. But I know how to h8 stuff
  14. No thanks 2 big crowds, sand or extreme cold
  15. Yes thanks to green tea, transitional weather and hairless animals
  16. I wish my parents would tell me everyone they've ever kissed
  17. I have some really special friends
  18. My boyfriend is the best but I never expected him
  19. I want to die with a book in my hand