Magazine subscriptions always seemed the height of chic adulthood. I remember my parents getting Mirabella in the mail and thinking LIFE IS HAPPENING! Now that I'm a grown ass chick I never miss:
  1. The New Yorker
    Hands down favorite magazine, for all the obvious reasons (legendary, full of cartoons) and also because each week it genuinely has content that compels me across the spectrum. Best long form writers working. Insightful political commentary and always ahead of the curve. Bonus: they let me write sometimes.
  2. Domino
    Home decor my way (Colors! Plastics! Flamingos!) Basically a catalogue but I just cherish it.
  3. World of Interiors
    More home design, only in this one you can't buy anything because it's all from 1880s Oxfordshire or something.
  4. The New Republic
    It just started coming one day! I honestly confuse it with Harper's and The Atlantic but feel intelligent perusing it and am always surprised and delighted when I disagree with something. I love some of their writers, specifically Rebecca Traister.
  5. The Believer
    Perfect combo of cultural criticism and quirky throwback content and outsider art and flashes of alt comedy. I love the thick paper stock and the Charles Burns cover illos.
  6. Afar
    I am not actually much of a traveler but this magazine, impeccably designed by @white_lightning, makes me wanna be. Cheese & bikes & stucco & cloth & oceans oh my!
  7. Elle
    Perfect mix of fashion (heavy on indie designers which is my passion area) and smart takes on third wave feminist issues. Bonus points for hiring smart ladies with strong POVs and filling their pages with political content.
  8. Vogue
    Vogue will always be my first love, ever since I started reading it in second grade. I never tire of a perfect page of country houses and flat sandals and stars commenting tastefully on their indiscretions.
  9. Honorable mentions:
    Glamour (fearless about what they cover, AND they have a column by our own Zosia Mamet. US Weekly because there's some shit I gotta know! New York because my G-ddad Jerry Saltz is the art critic and he slays me!