Thank you for this request @oligear! Right now we are shooting Girls so here is what I DO!
  1. The Night Before: set my alarm for 1-2 hours earlier than I will realistically rise
    If it's an early call time then that means 6:00am for a 7:45 pickup. What do I think I'm gonna do with that time? Shower? Write a novel? The second is honestly more realistic bc that's how much I hate a morning shower.
  2. The Morning Of: Hit snooze a bajillian times
    I use the loudest iPhone alarm, which is called "alarm," and @jackantonoff will sometimes moan "you're a horrible lady" or something like that. At this point even Lamby is passed out and won't be up til 9am when his dog walker has to haul him out of bed like a rude ungrateful teen.
  3. In an ideal world, breakfast comes next:
    Homemade avocado toast or an order from our local diner care of @jackantonoff. But usually I am so late that I put on the outfit I laid out the night before (my only good habit) and rush downstairs to my teamster/soulmate Brian.
  4. Text @jennikonner something like "morning angel!" or, alternately, "ugh you awake?"
    Usually she writes "hi girl" or "yes I am."
  5. Dunkin' Donuts Tea
    Brian and I have been driving together for 3 years and early on he noticed I love tea and started getting it for me every morning where he gets his coffee (DD.) At first it was a burden and I took 3 sips to be polite- it's terrible tea- but now I fully rely on it. From the styrofoam cup to the bitter aftertaste, it signals that it's time to rise and get my brain working...
  6. Talks with Bri-Guy
    Brian and I are very different people. He's a teamster. I'm a girl. He collects guns. I collect Eloise memorabilia. Politically, his views oppose mine and that's why it's been so complex and educational to love him as much as I do. He is a kind man who is trying to raise his kids as best he can in a terrifying world. And he's not a faceless Internet asshole, so I can't condemn his beliefs that easily. He sees me as a friend, not a threat to American Values. We both love Elton John.
  7. If it's Friday...
    I wear the Corvette sweatshirt Bri got me cuz DUH, Corvette Fridays. The last Friday of the season we switch it up and drive his actual Corvette, Vetnessa!
  8. If it's a long drive to set...
    I meditate and go over my script for the day. Otherwise I'll do that over/after breakfast.
  9. Find/hug @jennikonner and finish whatever thought we were just texting about from the car.
  10. Rehearsal
    We rehearse our first scene, make cuts or answer the actors' questions, decide on camera angles and go off to get hair and makeup ready. Since I cut my hair real short/don't care what my face looks like that takes less than 10 minutes which is heaven and power and joy.
  11. Breakfast!!!
    Lately we've been forcing our confused catering truck to make @ale's clean shake recipe he shared on here! I love it and it makes me feel virtuous and fulfilled. Today I was extra starving and added a spinach & feta omelette to the mix. Breakfast is the best meal of the day on a movie set.
  12. Around 9:30 am I make sure Lamby has been picked up and is safely at daycare.
    He always is. Just prepping for the future.
  13. Around noon I see if @jackantonoff is awake.
    Sometimes he isn't. Jealous. Now it is the day!!!