I don't want to hurt them! I just want to disappear them...
  1. Todd Akin
    Unless you wanna apologize to all the women who have been "illegitimately raped" you're getting disappeared, Akin.
  2. Bill Cosby
    His presence here isn't good for anyone.
  3. Woody Allen
    It hurts too much. I'd just as soon forget.
  4. This lady Nan who spoiled my mom's 60th birthday party
    You made my mom cry. You're done here.
  5. This ginger I dated
  6. James Wolcott
    Why do you keep having so many opinions about stuff? Go a-WAY!
  7. Michelle Malkin
    Aggro lady neo-con who shares my alma-mater of Oberlin and there just ain't room in that town for the both of us.
  8. Whoever hurt and starved Lamby before I met him
  9. The guy who rang my doorbell 15 times at 1:39 am last night
    He identified himself as David Stone. I identified myself as "I'm calling the cops!!!" Poof. Disappear ⭐️
  10. Chris Brown
    Suggested by @samantharonson