Today's edition!
  1. People who play devil's advocate
    As @AshleyCFord once said, since when does the devil need an advocate?
  2. The college girl who cries at the pharmacy
    You know who you are. I've been you. And I get it, life's a lot and the American medical system is a heinous hell trap, but there's an old woman behind us who may go into diabetic shock if you don't stop describing the entire situation with your mom's credit card.
  3. Men who don't leave a nice distance between us on a line
    No one is gonna cut you, okay? So you don't need to touch my butt with your crotch.
  4. People who won't tell you why they're mad
    My biggest pet peeve care of @Goldie. If you won't tell me why you're mad then I won't tell you why I'm sorry, so there!
  5. Guys who say "can I take a picture with you? My girlfriend likes your show. I've never seen it because it's called Girls."
    I get it. You're straight. Thank you so much for letting me know how straight you are.
  6. Extrapolate from this!