Every year needs a motto! Some ideas and please add your own guys I need help!!!
  1. Lose control and seize da goal
  2. Just hit send!
  3. Bitch is the new black
  4. Fuck everything that's not nailed down and screw everything that is!
  5. This isn't a baby maker it's a DECISION maker
  6. Create more, consume less
    Suggested by @allievice
  7. Take what is yours with no apologies
    Suggested by @marisalazar
  8. I do this for my health
    Suggested by @TheWork
  9. You have to risk it to get the biscuit
    Suggested by @Emily_Horgan
  10. Cry like everybody's watching!!!
    Suggested by @gilf96
  11. Everyone's doing their best.
    Suggested by @nyquistify
  12. Go Fund Yourself!
    Suggested by @SDuncan