Future so bright we gotta 😎
  1. Survivors are being heard
    Between Cosby, documentaries like The Hunting Ground and the visibility that the Internet allows for, sexual assault survivors are being heard. Yes they still face age old stigma but they are also dismantling these stigmas with startling speed.
  2. Survivors are not ashamed
    It seems survivors are realizing they are not the ones who have anything to be ashamed about.
  3. Survivors are taking action
    On campuses, in government, in print: survivors are not content to have their stories buried.
  4. Survivors support each other
    I have learned that as messy and dark as the Internet can be, it also allows survivors to join forces and lift each other up. And that's beautiful.
  5. Females are strong as hell
    As Emily Nussbaum pointed out, in Kimmy Schmidt we have a mainstream survivor comedy. Thank you Tina Fey! Knew we could count on you.