I love living with @jackantonoff! It's like a 24/7 sleepover party (or more accurately 24/3 because he travels a lot.) This app is small and intimate, so I feel comfortable sharing some cool aspects!
  1. He has great taste in items
    He's the one who suggested we paint our kitchen orange! He also arrived at our residence with a Kennedy Bust and a Girls' School album to pin on the wall. We share a closet and sometimes it's hard to tell who owns what.
  2. Speaking of which, I can wear his clothes
    Not everyone's boyfriend owns a soft purple ombré boat neck. But mine sure does.
  3. We like the same TV
    We enjoy our shows! Whether it's Top of the Lake or Empire, it's a pleasure doing business with him
  4. He's usually in a good mood
    He's not rude or attitudey in the morning.
  5. He wears earplugs
    So I can crash around all night and behave abominably. Also, I am always finding little blue ear plugs everywhere- shower, kitchen counter, deep in our quilt.
  6. He is great to look at
    From certain angles, Jewish Rock Hudson. From others, a baby goat. Pleasing any way ya slice it.
  7. He works like a dog
    Jack is never not making something. It's inspiring, energizing and is cause for multiple dance parties daily.
  8. He is so funny
    Sometimes if I brag about something, like taking a shower two days in a row, he'll go "oh no! I left your award for taking a shower two days a row in the car! Fuck!" And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
  9. We are usually sick at different times
    So there's always a nurse, or at least a friendly person.
  10. He's a responsible dog dad
    Lamby ain't always easy, but Jack treats him with respect and gives him the freedom to be HIM. I am not mentioning the time Jack accidentally left Lamby alone for 17 hours. Because we are past it. Sort of.
  11. He's a truly good person
    Lucky me❤️