@gabimoskowitz heeded my prayers and made an amazing list about how to have a grilled cheese party. Listen to this wise woman because:
  1. It was fool-proof
    I am a true fool and I managed to feed 7 hungry men and a hugely pregnant woman! Everyone was full, happy and impressed (except my mother in law who is Kosher for Passover but insisted that she loved the smell.)
  2. It's a simple recipe that allows you to get creative
    Everyone loves gooey cheese and butter so you know you can't do anything deeply wrong. The add ons are where you express yourself.
  3. My add-ons included:
    Beefsteak tomato, chopped preserved lemon left over from when my friend Shauna Ahern aka Gluten-Free Girl cooked for me, avocado, spinach and truffle oil.
  4. As for cheese:
    Gabi is right- grated is the way of the heavens. I went with mozzarella, cheddar and Jack along with a rogue: goat cheese!
  5. Gabi's simple salad and sorbet are the perfect book ends
    They make it all feel weirdly heathy...?
  6. I feel so accomplished!
    Slowly but surely engaging my kitchen thanks to one @gabimoskowitz. You made a good one @ouizoid!
  7. And we didn't take a single photo...
    Everyone was too busy eating (and making sure I didn't set any fires, which I mostly managed not to do except for an incident with a rogue lettuce leaf...)
  8. She listed, I did.
    And isn't that what ListApp is all about???