We needed a baby on the set of Girls. As you may know from a little show called Full House, babies are played by twins. In this case, we had lots of scenes in a row and needed major backup so the baby was played by not one but three sets of twins.
  1. Gunnar & Arielle
    @jennikonner thinks Gunnar is the more talented baby. I'm not so sure. But he is playing a girl when he is (thus far) a boy and so deserves props for that.
  2. Lila & Lily
    This is insane. This is like naming your kids Mike and Michael.
  3. Austria & Vienna
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    This turned out to be a call sheet mistake- their names are Vienna & Valentina- but props to the PA who messed that up on their paperwork and made me the world's happiest woman for 17 minutes.