The BBC is my safe space (even when it's depicting systemic violence and drug use and corruption in law enforcement!) Some personal favorites. Cheerio!
  1. Absolutely Fabulous
    To me this is where it all begins. The show of all shows, Patsy & Edina are genius nightmare striver lunatics with the best comic timing that side of the revolution. I met creator Jennifer Saunders and cried.
  2. Gavin & Stacey
    This will be fun for you to watch since the James Corden show is beginning here in the USA. Gavin & Stacey is a show he wrote and, in a move no American would ever pull, plays a supporting role in (Americans like to star in their own shows I think.) This is actually sort of American in that the boring people are the stars! But it's sooo funny.
  3. Call The Midwife
    1950s midwifery ain't no fucking picnic. These ladies are basically surgeons in adorable collared shirts, riding bikes and SAVING LIVES! Plus a baby is born EVERY DAMN EPISODE.
  4. Prime Suspect
    Helen Mirren as a brilliant detective with a dark past and a horrible drinking problem. It's my favorite genre: rough-hewn lady cop is shut down by her superiors but continues to investigate anyway! There were many series-- SEASONS as we call them in the US-- made over the course of 15 years, so it's an incredibly realistic depiction of aging and also takes a very enlightened approach to sexual violence. All hail creator Lynda Laplante!
  5. The Fall
    Another rough-hewn lady cop! I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this one because I am sooo sick of women being raped and murdered for our amusement BUT the creator wrote this really skillful piece about sexual violence on TV that intrigued me// and it was worth it! Follows both the killer and the detective, removing the mystery in a sense and creating something smarter.
  6. The Game
    My dad made me watch this. It's all sorts of Russian Cold War double triple agent stuff and I would follow Brian Cox into an inferno so I enjoyed myself. My dad calls the lead "pretty boy" because he's, um, pretty.
  7. The Line of Beauty
    Gorgeous miniseries about homosexuality in Thatcherite England starring Matthew Crowley from Downton (I actually don't really watch Downton but it seems to mean a lot to a lot of people.) ARE YOU IN!? This is SO moving and has these incredible period details that the BBC does so right. Based on a wonderful book of the same name by Allan Hollinghurst.
  8. Happy Valley
    Latest obsession, another rough-hewn lady cop (it's the best way to be) this time dealing with the booming drug trade in her Yorkshire town-- and the fall out from her daughter's suicide. Another amazing female creator, Sally Wainwright, whose wiki personal life section reads: "In 2014 Wainwright was living in Oxfordshire. She owns a cat and is a feminist."
  9. Nuts in May
    In the 70s Mike Leigh made a number of films for the BBCs Play for Today series. This is my most favorite- the story of a high-strung health obsessed couple who take the worst camping trip in history. It's actually funnier than anything that's ever been. Also, Leigh's ex wife Alison Steadman is a gifted comic actress who will later play a mum in Gavin & Stacey!