Oh wow @tothemaxxx this one was really intimidating! Wish I had the wherewithal to place these in a historical context/birth order but here some are, strewn randomly like wild flowers- PLZ add!
  1. Gilda Radner
    My top true love forever- loved when Emma Stone did her on SNL 40th. Her book, It's Always Something, is gorgeous and you can get her reading it on iTunes. Best thing to fall asleep to.
  2. Totie Fields
    Perfectly stout old school standup who also happens to have been Judd Apatow's grandma's best friend #shewokeuplikethis
  3. Amy Schumer
    Seeing her live is a master class in taking no fucking prisoners
  4. Whoopi Goldberg
    Do not watch The View for reference
  5. Kristen Wiig
  6. Tina Fey
  7. Amy Poehler
  8. Jane Krackowski
    Note: I have known this ever since I saw her in Once Upon a Mattress at age 8
  9. Carol Burnett
  10. Joan Rivers
  11. My aunt Susan
    Not on purpose
  12. Elaine May
    Early Nichols & May will make you piss yourself, truly- but it's her directing that stole my heart
  13. Penny Marshall
    My first and only big movie audition was for her for Riding in Cars with Boys (not funny.) Another girl at my school got it and then there was a rumor she took all her camp friends on a cruise to Alaska with her "movie money." Now that I know what day players on films make there is no fucking way that's true.
  14. Wanda Sykes
    Just watched her HBO special and remembered again, holy shit
  15. Ellen Degeneres
    Effortless, glowy, not rage-y
  16. Mo'Nique
    The Queens of Comedy is my most valued VHS tape, particularly because she has an amazing bit about how being chubby leaves you with few sexual options and so you have to go with whatever. Hence she says she'd let a man fuck her in the ear hole.
  17. My friend Isabel
    She's just got that "it" factor and is the person who coined the term "GanjaPotWeed" for marijuana. It's really stuck within our friend circle. Also she one tweeted, totally earnestly, "oh Barry Pepper, you had such promise!" Once she met Tracy Morgan and his dogs on Canal Street and I was like YES the world works as it should.
  18. Louise Lasser
    She's as complex, bananas, brilliant & angry as any good ex wife of Woody Allen should be
  19. Ana Gasteyer
    Really every woman of SNL but she's got the face of my dream Jew angel
  20. She's the best old Jewish man trapped inside Charlton Heston trapped inside Edie Sedgwick dressed as a gorgeous Indian woman
  21. Margaret Cho
    When I worked at the video store for 3 months in high school I'd check her DVD out every Friday then study it all week. "Hello my name is Gwen I'm here to wash your vagina."
  22. Whoever played Amber in Clueless