Fashion's biggest night! I was lucky enough to get to go with my best friend and creative partner @jennikonner and our girl Jenna Lyons. Like every woman, I want to look and feel my best so I thought I'd share my super effective Met diet starting Sunday morning!
  1. Sunday: Egg, sausage and cheese sandwich at a Detroit coffee shop.
  2. 2 "savory quinoa muffin"s in car to airport
  3. Sobe Lifewater, something I haven't been compelled to consume since eighth grade but did at Detroit airport
  4. 2 bowls honey bunches of oats with almond milk once home
  5. One container wasabi peas
  6. 4 pieces avocado toast (heavily salted)
  7. 1/4 quiche (large)
  8. Rice pudding
  9. 6 shrimp shumai, 2 inari, 6 pieces shrimp tempura roll, 6 pieces hamachi roll, 4 pieces veggie cream cheese roll (what!?)
  10. Eater's digest tea before bed...
  11. Monday: omelette with Gruyere and spinach, home fries, 2 pieces GF toast with butter and extra salt
  12. Salmon with Farro and mushrooms and butter and cream
  13. 2 glasses champagne
  14. And you know what? That shit was fiiine