It was my first hospital overnight experience: So confused and also feel like we could change the face of medicine by changing these things. I know we have to fix the broken healthcare system and also aid our bros and sissys in less developed nations, but could we include these requests in the whole deal? Please tell me if I'm crazy, ListApp docs.
  1. These blankets are insane.
    You need at least 3 to be warm and at least 4 to be cozy. They are slippery. I know this is a whole complex washing deal but if we can figure out how to blast a single nerve in my vaginal ligaments with a laser then can't we get scientists to team up and design a cozy, washable blanket that doesn't feel like it was handed out to World War II soldiers in fox holes?
  2. Too much beeping
    How will anyone ever heal with all those beeps. Other people's moans of pain are quite enough. Isn't there some kind of device a nurse can carry that alerts her to who is being naughty and who is in grave danger so that the room isn't alive with terrifying and seemingly random alarms? Twice I thought my heart had stopped when something just need batteries.
  3. The juice is packaged wrong
    It's packaged differently than any public juice, but it doesn't feel special: it feels sad. I'm sure there's some crazy industry profiting off hospital juice, but why can't patients enjoy foods that remind them of home and health, rather than hermetically sealed juice condoms?
  4. Side note: meditation
    A pipe dream: someone to come around and meditates with people in all kinds of pain.