When I am done directing the first two episodes of the Girls season and someone else takes over, it frees a lot of time up in my day. Here are some of the things I do with that time.
  1. Go to video village and ask about people's weekends/parents/sex lives
  2. Go to craft services and see if there are any interesting new additions. For example, they now have gluten free bagels!
  3. Stretch
  4. Find discarded sections of newspapers I would never buy (Daily News) and read them
  5. Study the call sheet very closely like I'm solving a mystery
  6. Take a bunch of vitamins at once and make myself utterly ill
  7. Make three or four iced teas at once and offer the spares to no one
  8. Nap
  9. Excitedly solve a problem that is clearly someone else's job (example: trying to find @tambone new headphones when hers broke)