Someday I hope to be pregnant. Here are the things I'd like to do during those months.
  1. Wear a tube top
  2. Go on a beach vacation with @jackantonoff and a Eurotrip with @jennikonner
  3. Direct a feature film and always have crew guys offering me a chair and I'm like "nah I'm cool"
  4. Fire someone and be really mean about it because they deserve it and yeah you didn't think you'd get it from a pregnant lady like this did you??
  5. Do my own stunts (like swimming and dancing)
  6. Get those jeans with a stretchy waistband
  7. Allow some respectful nudes to be taken of me
  8. Allow some less respectful nudes to be taken of me
  9. Have @jackantonoff be like "are you hungry?" And me be like "yeah can you pop over to the borough of Queens and grab some Indian food?"