Are any of these actually harmful? I'm happy to be wrong, but my instinct is NO.
  1. Eating right before you get in the pool
  2. Going outside with wet hair
  3. Sleeping in underpants
    My mom always said "let it breathe!"
  4. Sleeping with the light on
    According to my father "you're basically not sleeping at all."
  5. Standing in front of the microwave
    Isn't the world a big microwave?
  6. Letting a dog lick your mouth
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  7. Putting your elbows on the table
    When adult women do this I think it seems both flirty and authoritative (I'm talking to you @zoe)
  8. Cursing
    Adults actually find it adorable and then you become an adult and it's fine, even encouraged, as long as you know other words too. NOTE: I do not consider slurs curses. They are their own terrible category.
  9. Don't sleep with socks on
    Suggested by @RinaStone
  10. Shaving above the knee.
    Suggested by @madeline
  11. Talking while chewing
    What if your best ideas/conversation is stimulated by mastication?
    Suggested by @vp