We are shooting nights, oh yes we are.
  1. Dubsmash.
  2. Sunchips (one word or two!? Don't have strength to google.)
  3. People start doing things like loudly answering their cell phones while we are rolling.
    ("People" means me.)
  4. Texting @jennikonner who is on LA time.
  5. A massively confusing conversation about eye lines. @saltyshep takes a walk and fixes it with his mind.
  6. I become convinced everyone is mad at me.
  7. I am mad at everyone.
  8. Everyone is my best friend and I want to sleep in a nest with them.
  9. Someone nods out and snorts and we are sweet and pretend it didn't happen.
  10. Someone drops a Diet Coke on the ground and we pretend not to see it lest we be expected to help in some way.
  11. We wrap, just in the nick (knick!?) of time. 😴😴😴