Great list request, Beau! I assume you meant times people have cried onscreen and not times I have cried in my dressing room then texted @jennikonner to PLEASE COME HERE? Cuz I went with the former.
  1. Season 1: Hannah begs Adam to be her boyfriend by saying she doesn't want a boyfriend
    I was just so proud to be making my lip really quiver. First time!!! I was crying and also thinking "wow I am ACTING THE SHIT OUT OF THIS RIGHT NOW!" Tip: thinking like that immediately makes you bad at acting.
  2. Season 2: Shoshanna dumps ray and weeps through the whole thing
    Boy, that Zosia Mamet can cry. Big fat gorgeous tears. They look like they're made of lucite 😢
  3. Season 4: Desi shows up at Marnie's house to say he's left his girlfriend but he's crying so hard he can't get words out
    I wasn't there when they shot this and then I watched it and just died of LOLs. Nothing like a handsome adult man sobbing like a female tween.