I never dreamed someone would commission a list! Much less Zoe Kazan. Feeling very lucky. Here's a starter guide before I go to sleep which is my #1 tip- keep in mind I still have a lot to learn
  1. Lists!
    One of the reasons I was so excited about this app is because I love lists. Ask @jennikonner I make them all day, sometimes instead of working. I use Notational Velocity synced to Simple Note on my phone to keep 2 do lists, divided by project. My current lists are: Daily 2 Do Girls 2 Do Writing projects Home Improvement Ideas
  2. Green Tea
    I love green tea because it's caffeine minus jitters and it's also a moment to compose yourself and sip and think and it's also a talisman and makes you feel like an Olsen twin circa '08 when you get a large Starbucks one 2 go
  3. Delegating
    It took me a long time to trust anyone besides @jennikonner but I work with so many amazing people (like @shinyunicorn for example!) and have learned to let go and let G-d. Nothing is better than giving a job to someone you trust and being overjoyed with the results.
  4. Time to Dream
    My therapist refers to free time as "time to dream." Reading a book, walking in circles, dancing slowly to Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey- you need that creative release or else you become a husk of a person!
  5. Meditation
    I have been doing Transcendental Meditation since I was 9- my mother introduced me to it because of my OCD and I've gone through lots of phases with it but it's always there for me. I think about it like cleaning the desk in my mind- 20 minutes of sitting with your mantra unclutters your head and heart and puts all your emotional papers in the right spiritual folders :)
  6. Exercise
    This is a new one for me. I used to always say "I can't spare an hour a day on this bullshit! But, like meditation, it clears the way for all the magic of the day and you actually save time because of the energy it injects. How counter intuitive is that!?
  7. Snacks
    I have very low blood pressure and blood sugar and if I forget to have snacks I turn into a true mess. Some snacks I sort of invented on set: Cantaloupe chopped into a Greek yogurt Puffins cereal with almond milk and whole almonds A bowl of banana with almond butter mashed in it like a pudding Turkey rolled around a carrot A grilled quesadilla with low fat cheese, chopped broccoli and tomatoes and peppers and Greek yogurt as sour cream
  8. If I don't lay out my outfit the night before...
    I WILL wear sweatpants.
  9. Take 20 mins after each meal to return texts and necessary phone calls rather than hanging on your phone all day
    This is a goal, but not always a reality
  10. Say no
    NO is my new best word 🍓🌹⭐️ and a necessary one for ladies to learn and embrace. @shinyunicorn even got me a NO necklace!