This list is nice and tiiiight but very fulfilling. It's a transitional time of the TV year and yet here I am, so satisfied. Whatchu doin'?
  1. The Carmichael Show
    Simultaneously groundbreaking and cozy which is a hard combo to come by.
  2. Difficult People
    Brings out my inner cunt in a joyful and healthful way.
  3. Documentary Now
    The super niche-y independent doc spoof show you didn't know you needed!
  4. Mindy Project
    AKA I look @mindy's insta feed a piece it together in my mind. Get back here, Mindo!
  5. 30 Rock
    Just started watching again from the top with @jennikonner's 8 year old. Spoiler alert: it's really fucking good, even better than I remembered. He loves Kenneth. I love the subtle feminist rage and when Tracy Jordan says "I'm high as a peacork, baby!"