Inspired by the legendary @zoe, lessons from two visual artist parents 🎨
  1. Go to work. Just because you're creative doesn't meant you get to read newspaper in French til noon smoking Virginia Slims. You have a job to do.
  2. You are the owner of your own small business, so act accordingly.
  3. It's not embarrassing to talk about money. Deep thoughts alone won't put your kids through college.
  4. Recognize that art is a commodity like any other. You're not better or deeper than anyone else because of what you do.
  5. That being said, your art is your soul and you can't sell your soul (to just anyone.)
  6. Organize your life so you can focus on your work. Pay your bills, know where your spatula is, live like a human.
  7. You don't have to live the cliche.
  8. Make what you want to make, not what you think the industry is asking for. People respond to authenticity (even if they can't articulate that.)
  9. Selling your work doesn't have to mean selling yourself.
  10. Follow your instincts, even when they seem loony.
  11. You can't always tell the truth, especially not to rich people.
  12. Be a respectful gentrifier.
  13. Read the newspaper. Good work only gets better when you're aware of what's happening around you.
  14. Don't spread public negativity about other artists- you know how hard they work and how brave they are. Talk shit in private!
  15. Take bedtime seriously.
  16. It's totally cool to watch CW shows as a "mental break."