As we head into shooting season 5 of Girls my concern, as always, is HEALTH. How does one avoid getting sick during these long ass days/weeks/months? Here are my favorite supplements/mind tricks!
  1. Fire Cider
    Apple cider vinegar plus honey- feels very cleansing and fire-y. Who else always assumes spicy things are helping them?
  2. Elderberry Syrup
    Been told this is great for the immune system and it tastes like a fine cherry wine (I guess. Never had a fine cherry wine.)
  3. Chewable Vitamin D
    Very important vitamin when you never see the sun because you're inside a sound stage all day.
  4. Sub-lingual B-12
    B-12 is what hot shot 80s execs had when they did too much coke I think? Sub-lingual means under the tongue! Sometimes this makes my face turn red/gives me a fun niacin rash.
  5. Oregano Oil
    Oil not capsules- a natural antibiotic and also clears ya right up nasally, like that episode where The Nanny ate wasabi!
  6. D-Mannose
    A hairdresser told me this prevents UTIs which, if you haven't had one, feel like the devil is warming his tools in your urethra 😍 That hairdresser also thinks a bottle of wine is healthier than klonopin and fish causes Alzheimer's but JUST LET HER LIVE.
  7. Klonopin
    Encourages and stimulates hair and nail growth. Makes bones stronger. Keeps me from murdering.
  8. What are yours !?!? Because we all need a lil' help from our friends.
  9. Lavender oil. Not a supplement, but incredibly useful for calming / reducing stress, which in turn helps keep you healthy. Put one drop behind each ear. Instantly makes you feel like you're at a spa getting pampered.
    Suggested by @r
  10. Calcium
    Hey ladies, osteoporosis is a fucking biatch. Just think to yourself, do you want to be ~60 and not able to perform basic bending at the waist? You'll never know how much you love lumbar flexion til it's gone. Plus you can get the tasty chewable kind that are basically dessert
    Suggested by @kelly