Dear @jon! There's nothing this lady loves more than a book. Books are, of course, very personal but you asked what I look for AND IT'S THIS:
  1. Strong female characters
    When I was a kid I would always ask the teacher "does this book have any girls in it?" I just wanted to read about girls, from all walks of life. That's why I loved Eloise as much as Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry- strong girls in extreme situations ⭐️⭐️⭐️ I translate this as an adult into "characters I can relate to but also learn from!"
  2. Great prose
    This may seem like a DUH but it's no longer a total DUH. People read Twilight and Fifty Shades! And I don't judge BUT for me the prose has to be really skillful and exciting. That could mean some Beat Generation rhythms OR something super funny & punchy like Sedaris. Side note: it honestly takes a lot to get me to read a book by a straight white guy ( @bj is an exception! ) I'm just being honest.
  3. New worlds
    I love to read about worlds I don't understand- whether it's Julia Butterfly Hill, the woman who lived in a redwood for a year (obsessed with her at age 10) or domestic sex trafficking (Girls Like Us by Rachel Lloyd) or 1800s France (basically everything great.)
  4. Hot Goss!
    I love memoirs because they are essentially gossip we have permission to hear and share. I especially enjoy women in male dominated artistic scenes: I ❤️ Lady Caroline Blackwell, Robert Lowell's final wife who also banged Lucian Freud. Also Joyce Johnson who dated Jack Kerouac and wrote a gorgeous book (Minor Characters) about it. It's a delight to read Night Studio, Musa Mayer's account of growing up the daughter of an alcoholic artist. Angelica Huston & Rupert Everett= excellent celeb memoirs.
  5. In that same vein, biographies of unusual tough-talking women!
    Leni, about Leni Riefenstahl! Wendy and the Lost Boys about Wendy Wassterstein! What Lips These Lips Have Kissed about Edna St Vincent Millay! The Women of the Harlem Renaissance about... the women of the Harlem Renaissance!
  6. I like poetry before bed or on set
    Bite size chunks and it calms me. Always favs: Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Robert Lowell, Nikki Giovanni, Diane DePrima! Current favs: Mira Gonzalez, Chelsea Martin, Dorothea Lasky, Saeed Jones.
  7. If you're looking for page turners you've come to the wrooong lady
    I will literally read fifty pages of M.F.K. Fisher describing a soft-boiled egg.
  8. I used to pretend to like books I didn't care about
    For all of second grade I would go to the science fiction book store on Saint Mark's place with my dad and pretend I loved about sci-fi. "Please Papa, can I have this Johnny Swift book? I'll just die otherwise." But I. Don't. Care. Just like I don't care about a bunch of shit now that's on the bestseller list and I won't pretend (but I also won't name names because books are hard to write and that's rude.)
  9. This list was fun! Please make one for us all to enjoy about your reading preferences !
  10. Also so cool how many authors are on this app! Authors are porn stars 2 me🍓🍓🍓