Hi ListAppLoves. In tandem with my paperback I am releasing a podcast miniseries feminine/feminist variety show called Women of the Hour. You can sign up at itunes.com/womenofthehour 🎧 I am not trying to pressure you! Make your own decisions! But this is what you can expect from each episode! Starting Nov. 5, preview live now 🌟
  1. Friendship
    Our first episode focuses on this magical elixir. There are many highlights but my favorite moment is when Amy Sedaris describes stealing a jar of sequins from Todd Oldham while he's sleeping.
  2. Love & Sex
    Very very important conversation with gynecological nurse practitioner Lola Pellegrino. Letter to my ex-boyfriend I should have burned. Accounts of passion and mayhem.
  3. Work
    Wanna know what drives Mara Brock-Akil when she writing female characters? How does Zadie Smith stay off the internet? What are the outfit rules for a lady iron worker? We will answer these questions and so many more!
  4. Body
    A lot of women talking about what it means to have a human form! Plus @aidybryant defines the terms "size queen" and #snacksteak 🌟💋❤️💎🍔🍵🔥🍤🎪
  5. The Big Picture
    Grief is beautiful and terrifying and graceful and women are uniquely equipped to plumb its depths. This episode is all about the stuff that makes us human to the max.
  6. An advice corner with June Squibb & Emma Stone
    58 years age gap makes for a nice range of knowledge...
  7. Women's History
    Every episode we focus on a remarkable, unsung figure in feminist history and give you some great cocktail party banter (if you're at an amenable cocktail party.)
  8. The whole show has a theme song by That Dog!
    Favorite music of the 90s, soundtrack to my soul.
  9. So join me...
    As I talk to women from A(idy) to Z(adie) and a couple bros 2. I promise to use my slam poetry voice 👊