@lesleyarfin you are very generous for indulging me on this. I love you a lot. This is a list about why my grandmother, Carol Marguerite Reynolds (1916-2000) loved me the best of her 5 grandchildren.
  1. I was the oldest
    And so I was her only grandchild for almost 6 years. This gave us lots of time to bond and I had a great head start. After my sister was born, then my cousin Hayden, I consistently asked her to make sure not to love them better and, being a woman of her word, she obliged.
  2. I asked a lot of questions
    Carol had an amazing life- though it wasn't her family pattern she went to Mount Holyoke, Yale Nursing School and then joined the army as a nurse in WW II, traveling across Europe and sleeping with many Jewish doctors (she was no Jew!) She didn't get married until she was 34, which in the 40s was basically 100. She was very cool with the gays and started a real estate business at 60. But she didn't get asked about it enough, so I handled that.
  3. She was a terrible terrible cook
    My picky Jewish mom always ordered Chinese vegetables with no sauce (what!?) and ate it instead of whatever she made. But because I find nothing more delicious than an over cooked sirloin and a frozen slice of Sara Lee pound cake, I told her she was amazing and asked for seconds.
  4. I enjoyed her routine
    Because I had no friends, no pride and a love of masterpiece theater we were perfectly compatible and so I would spend every spring break on the schedule of an 80 year old. The day ended with turkey sandwiches on TV trays in front of Dan Rather, at which point we went to sleep in twin beds.
  5. She gave terrible presents
    Seriously she would do things like give my mother, who is a professional photographer, a point and shoot camera that she got for free from her bank. It was, frankly, rude-- but that's how the swamp Yankees do it. I, however, was like "yes! I love this chipped Precious Moments brooch from the drugstore!!! Thank you Gram I'm the world's luckiest child."
  6. The day before she died
    I painted her nails with Wet n' Wild.
  7. She told me
    "You'll always be my favorite." Thus empowering me to bull doze through the world with the knowledge someone felt that way.
  8. I miss you, Gram
    Erry single day