Hospital Verbatim

Mostly from my grandma (coming of of anesthesia). But some other stuff too.
  1. "Where's my baby rooster?"
  2. "Nobody has proved that a lake monster can make it rain"
  3. "You should never eat poop"
  4. "When she was pregnant she would take off all her clothes and run up and down the hallway naked"
  5. "Was I nice?" "Yes ma'am" "really? I'm usually so ugly. I wanted to be nice this time tho. I didn't want to be mean."
  6. "I think she's good folks"
    Gran. Bc nurse did a breathing exercise w her.
  7. "What's wrong with me? I like everybody all at once."
  8. "She didn't bring donuts" "OH NO!!"
    Along w the oh no Gran threw her arms up and stressfully ran her fingers threw her hair.
  9. "Betty."