My Favorite Birthday Wishes

in no particular order
  1. Lisa
    How can you not appreciate a good foot and beautiful German home in the background?
  2. Kam
    Bc reading it made me so happy n the video was of me lip syncing a song about poop.
  3. Chance
    He's adorable. We used to have a thing. I want to date him. And today he called me beautiful on the World Wide Web.
  4. Kalon
    He's always so hype about everything and I love him.
  5. Carrie
    My older sister. She just sent me a lot of birthday memes to wake up to.
  6. J
    Every year we have the same conversation. The only conversation we have ever. This is also my cousin.
  7. Carrie pt. 2
    She posted on my fb as well. And omg.
  8. Carrie pt. 3
    A video of my sweet nieces and nephew singing me happy birthday. This is my #1 favorite no doubt.