these guys helped make my year musically
  1. Frank Ocean
    who am i kidding, this guy hasn't even released the album why did i even put him on this list ooohhh my god why. but for real. i noticed i couldn't really stop listening to his music this year. when will i ever be able to. i love frank what a talented dude.
  2. Bryson Tiller
    dont... even ask me why. cause most likely you know why this guy is on this list.
  3. Vince Staples
    went to his san diego show, hes just funny af and hes also super talented at "forming albums" cause holy shaz was summertime '06 an amazing album.
  4. Kendrick Lamar
    why? because to pimp a butterfly is one of the best hip hop albums of all time.
  5. Tyler, The Creator
    i have always been the biggest OF fan. but tylers work is some of the most unique and inspiring music ive been able to listen to. his style of production is something most of these rappers don't do. my favorite songs tyler does arent even that much of rap songs. this is why this guy appeals to me so much and is such an inspiration. i love tyler.