These are all things people have actually said to me.
  1. "Yo. You got dinner plans?"
    Said to me while holding his junk and evaluating his very obvious STI
  2. "I want to see the real doctor. "
    Followed by 5 minutes of discussion that young women can in fact become doctors.
  3. "You're the worst nurse I've ever had."
    You're right. And that's probably lot because I was never trained to be a nurse.
  4. "You don't have children?! What are you waiting for?"
    Finishing My doctorate. That's what I was waiting for.
  5. "Yo. Babe. "
    How I was greeted after introducing myself as "Dr. ____. "
  6. "You don't look like a doctor"
    Well you now look like an idiot for saying that in the year 2016. So there's that.
  7. "Gosh. Do you want some make up tips? You're so pale"
    working 80hours a week under florescent lighting is not going to make your complexion beautiful. But thanks for noticing.