Tomorrow morning Jessica St. Clair & I will guest host the 4th hour of the Today show. Mayhem will ensue.
  1. Catch up on everything that is happening in the whole world
    Seems doable, right?
  2. Find perfect blue dress
    Classy, but not too serious. Matching floral heel. Make sure body be bangin' but also I can still do body rolls.
  3. Locate perfect spanx
    Gotta keep it tight and right
  4. Aggressively clean face
    Skin is covering all of my face which is what will be on TV and I want to look FRESH AS HELL.
  5. Eat a solid breakfast
    I prefer a full English breakfast
  6. Practice happy faces in the mirror
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    Jess tells me I have a really intense RBF (resting bitch face) which I am very proud of, but I want to work on a few new more positive faces.
  7. Prepare thank you note to Kathie Lee & Hoda