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I'd post this on Facebook but I don't want to offend anybody
  1. The new profile picture, of your child, not you.
  2. The 'we're having a night out without the baby!!' couples picture
  3. The repost of the 'kids doing what kids do' (e.g., their face is messy) picture from a year ago.
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  1. None of my facebook friends are on the list app
  2. None of my twitter followers are on the list app
  3. Why don't more people join the list app!
Adele has romanticised the River Lea on her new album, out today. For anyone who lives in East London, this is a surprising turn of events. It has inspired me to write a list of great songs about the city I love to live in.
  1. London Calling - The Clash
    Obviously got to have this. I like this tribute with Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl http://youtu.be/XF6muISjM2k
  2. Hometown Glory - Adele
  3. History - The Verve
    Some lyrics based on William Blake's poem, 'London' http://youtu.be/2jmf9UQ3YIs
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A couple of weeks ago I passed my PhD viva - quite an achievement for someone who has earnestly said the following things:
  1. 'Are you eating in or taking away?'
    To a customer when I worked at a drive thru.
  2. 'How do you turn the brake lights on?'
    To my driving instructor. It's cool that this happens automatically.
  3. 'You want my guide to New York???!'
    To the security guard at the Statue of Liberty when he asked for my pocket book. Turns out he wanted to look in my handbag. In fairness to me this does not mean the same thing in the UK.
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Must-watch viewing
  1. This Is England
    Director Shane Meadows does an outstanding job on this brilliant film and three subsequent channel 4 TV specials following a group of friends from the early 80's onwards. Often funny and fantastic performances, especially from Bafta winning Vicky McClure
  2. Sweet Sixteen
    Ken Loach directs this gritty drama about a 15 year old trying to raise money for him and his Mum - who's in prison - to start a new life. A young Martin Compston does a great and authentic job with no previous acting experience
  3. Our Friends In The North
    Daniel Craig before he was a star, also featuring Christopher Ecclestone (went on to become Dr Who), Gina McKee and Mark Strong. Follows a group of friends over 30 years - and the political events they live through.
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  1. The Full Monty
    You can leave your hat on
  2. Good Will Hunting
  3. Bridget Jones's Diary
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  1. The average portion size is enough to feed four people!
    Obligatory food photo with hand size for comparison
  2. You can't get a proper cup of tea anywhere!
    But it's ok cos you brought your own tea bags and travel kettle
  3. Their airport security is terrifying!
    When they asked you what you were doing there and why you froze and nearly confessed to a serious felony you didn't commit
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