Adele has romanticised the River Lea on her new album, out today. For anyone who lives in East London, this is a surprising turn of events. It has inspired me to write a list of great songs about the city I love to live in.
  1. London Calling - The Clash
    Obviously got to have this. I like this tribute with Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl
  2. Hometown Glory - Adele
  3. History - The Verve
    Some lyrics based on William Blake's poem, 'London'
  4. Bow E3 - Wiley
    London's grime scene originated in Bow.
  5. West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys
  6. Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks
    Here's Elliott Smith singing it
  7. Blue Rose Code - Whitechapel
    Scottish ex-pat, great song
    Suggested by @harryharris