A couple of weeks ago I passed my PhD viva - quite an achievement for someone who has earnestly said the following things:
  1. 'Are you eating in or taking away?'
    To a customer when I worked at a drive thru.
  2. 'How do you turn the brake lights on?'
    To my driving instructor. It's cool that this happens automatically.
  3. 'You want my guide to New York???!'
    To the security guard at the Statue of Liberty when he asked for my pocket book. Turns out he wanted to look in my handbag. In fairness to me this does not mean the same thing in the UK.
  4. 'If I see your eyes in that mirror, can you see mine? Can you though??!'
    I struggle conceptually with mirrors
  5. I once pronounced 'misled' as 'myzled' in a local radio news bulletin.
    Turns out nobody thinks Tony Blair myzled Parliament over the case for the Iraq war. Afterwards I tried to convince my news editor it was a real word - if you are interested, it means misled.