What I did this weekend in an effort to feel like a passably cool and mildly productive 20-something

  1. Bought accent pillows for the area of my tiny studio apartment that looks vaguely like a living room
    There's a couch and a tv. They face each other. Close enough.
  2. Acquired a plant with plans to actually keep it alive this time
  3. Read @lenadunham 's new collection in one sitting
  4. Bought a bottle of wine to take and share at a party instead of my usual mini box
  5. Actually went to party (see above)
  6. Got up before 10am at least one day
    This would have been list worthy even if I'd had to write 'noon'
  7. Caved and got that giant Snoopy-themed Father's Day card I keep seeing in Walgreens.
    Yes, it's gimmicky. Hell yes, my dad will love it.
  8. Didn't forget to get toilet paper before I ran out
    This has happened more times than I should admit... at least 7