1. Birds
    Many people fail to realize that birds are the most innocent creatures on the planet. The famous literary novel, The Catcher in the Rye accurately expresses this unknown fact through Holden's love for birds.
  2. Pigeons
    Pigeons are very common birds that fly across the world's skies. Many call them "rats with wings," however they are ignorant. Pigeons frequently gather in crowded metropolitan areas to provide companionship to the lonely and homeless. True guardian angels.
  3. Eagles
    There is a reason that the eagle is the symbol of the greatest country on earth (the USA), it is because they are all descendants of the great eagles that aided Bilbo Baggins & Thorin & co. in the old days. Now that all the dragons have been extinguished and the world is not haunted by those "worms," the eagles vigilantly watch over all humankind by spreading and enforcing true freedom around the globe, most often in the form of capitalism.
  4. Doves
    Doves are singlehandedly the most innocent creatures on earth. I urge you to look deep into the eyes of a dove, you will gain a new sense of self-loving. Doves are a symbol of peace, for they often sacrifice their own lives in order to prevent conflict. This can be seen in ancient Mongolia, when Genghis Khan lit several thousand nesting doves on fire, which then returned to an adversary's capital and razed the city to the ground. These doves are heroes as they saved countless Mongolian lives.
  5. How can you help?
    Many wonder how they can repay such amazing creatures. The most effective way is to preserve their innocence. By effectively eliminating the world's avian species we will be able to preserve their innocence by casting them off into legacy so that their image may never change. This can be done on both local and global levels. Affordable and common equipment often include stones and small cages. Let the world's innocent children take their rightful place in the pages of history.