Inspired by @dustinboone,,,,, this has been in my drafts forever so I need to finally post it bye,,,,, I am funny I swear
  1. About to cry
  2. Beginning to cry
  3. Crying
  4. Do u believe how much I cry
  5. Every day I cry
  6. Forgot to cry
  7. Going to cry
  8. Hi I am crying
  9. I am literally crying
  10. Jumping while crying
  11. Known for crying
  12. Let's cry together
  13. Move over, I need to cry there
  14. Never not crying
  15. Only cried eight times today
  16. Possibly crying right now
  17. Quite down, I need to cry
  18. Really need to cry
  19. Stop crying
  20. Too many crying
  21. Unbelievably loud crying
  22. Very cry
  23. Would u like to cry with me
  24. Xcry
  25. You should cry
  26. Zcry